16 July 2017

Puppy Max

I felt like doing a flashback post, so I give you Puppy Max.

A few months old and already plotting his herding chores.

Napping after a hard day of dogging.

Contemplating which mischief he will get into next.

"The stealthy Corgi lies in wait for his arch nemesis, Anubis D. Cat." 

Posing with one of my humans.

Max at 6 weeks old. Ears up and ready to fly. After a nap, of course.

Every pizza you bake, every snack you make, I'll be watching you.

02 July 2017

Broken Things

Let us speak today of broken things....

...of rock slabs sliding their way to dust...

...and of trees that push up between rocks then die in their presence...

...of trees that escape their boundaries and are swept away to new places...

...or do not fall quietly in a forest, but loudly for all to hear...

...only to end up as something valuable, like firewood in a broken rock fireplace.
What things do you see that are broken, but end up being something else? Do you fix it, or repurpose it?  Are broken things necessarily bad? Or useless? What's broken in your life?

18 June 2017

Summer Corgis

I heard complaints that there wasn't enough Corgi representation on the blog of late. Here are some pics to remedy that.

Play Ball!  Max is ready for summertime ball games.

Merlin welcomes you to his summer with a patented Corgi grin.

Merlin would also like to inform you he is on guard against the Water Monster.

Max, on the other hand, will have nothing to do with the Water Monster. He patrols dry land, thank you very much.

Merlin guards against the resident squirrel, Aloysius, and his evil visiting brother Earl the Squirrel.

A discussion about proper ball retrieving etiquette takes place between the Bark Brothers. 

04 June 2017

Sauntering toward Summer

Butterfly on lilac bush.

Only a few weeks left until summer and my lilac bushes finally decided to bloom. Out of 14 bushes, only the one with white lilacs had opened up last week. The others remained tightly closed, or looked as if they weren't going to bud at all. When I drove up to the house yesterday evening, all the bushes had open blooms on them. Seemingly overnight both flowers and butterflies exploded outward to worship the sun. After a spring with good water, the bushes are heavy with flowers, a sight for eyes weary of the slow unfolding of spring. I stop on the way in the house to inhale the aroma of lilacs. The purple lilacs crisp and refreshing, the pale purple a bit faded with grassy undertones, the white lilacs a deep and intoxicating scent that sears itself into my brain.

In the rest of the yard, the cottonless cottonwood looked dire, no buds we could see last week. Had it been winter killed? Suddenly yesterday I saw leaves everywhere. big enough to hide the little birds that sang to me in the morning. I had given up on Mother Nature, but she had not given up on me.  Little by little late spring blooms unfold, and baby animals cavort in green pastures. I store up the sights and sounds - and smells - for the days when inevitably the landscape grows dry, colors fade to olive and brown, and the predominate smell is that of wildfire on the breeze. I take some time each day to step outside and devour the sights and smells. I snap pictures with my phone but that isn't enough to preserve the season. Mother Nature moves forward, whether I like it or not. My brain is the greatest recorder of the seasons, and I try and fill every nook and cranny so I can remember the pollen dusted wings of a Monarch butterfly, the contented buzz of a bumblebee at work, and the heavenly scent of lilacs wrapped around me like a spring shawl. My fickle heart already turns toward summer, and wonders what sights, smells and sounds will trickle inward, ready to be preserved for the white page of winter.

29 May 2017

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to honor, reflect, and remember those military men and women who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.